Let someone know you're thinking of them

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Love Poems Classic and contemporary poetry to stir the heart. "My wounds don’t feel like wounds
In your hands.
They feel like beginnings,
Like a chance,
To make things right again."
Languages of Love Love knows no boundaries - say "I love you" in 30 different languages. "Je t'aime."
Encourage-Mints Purely platonic mindfulness mantras. "From change comes great possibility."
Sexy Fortunes Fortune cookie wisdom with a twist (each one ends with "in bed.") "Use your eloquence where it will do the most good (in bed)."
Cute Kitties Pictures of cute kitties. "https://cdn2.thecatapi.com/images/MTg2OTA1OA.jpg"
woof-MEOW Today's date (or time of day, if you choose to send your texts in one day), in dog- and cat-speak. "woof woof MEOW" (for February 1)
"woof woof woof MEOW MEOW" (for 3:02pm)
Unique Sonnet Individually-crafted sonnets generated from random lines of Shakespeare's original works.
Philosophical The sages answer, "What is love?" "Aristotle: Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies."